„Design your favorite product“

 „Design your favorite product“is a project targeted at understanding and implementing basic design processes fused withmaximizinga personallearnmotivation in creating products.

Additionally,it is a project which has been set up as collaboration between the curricular subjects“Entwurf”and “Atelier und Produktion” which enables the pupilsto run-through a complete product development cycle up to prototyping.

Set as CLILclass (Content and Language Integrated Learning), the “project language”is English.

Keycontents covered within the project are:

Design process introduction, design tools, self-organizationandan introductionto basic project management.


Design your favorite product by following the design process and development steps of:

Research andanalysis, conceptdevelopment, rough design sketch phase, final design phaseandprototyping.

As introduction to the design process, this exercise is based on a very simplified andcontent-reduced design process.

The project closes with a presentation given in class and the executed prototype.

Soccer Shoe